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My GROSS amount is the same that you were quoted on our most recent Acceptance email.

  • If you do not recall that amount, just do a search on your email inbox with key phrase "SpanishBlackbelt" and look for an email with subject line "You have been accepted to our Spanish language school".

  • If more than a year has elapsed since you started studying with us, please add the annual inflation rate to your GROSS amount. The resulting new gross amount will be valid for another year.

Current GROSS amounts for different number of terms can be found on the following links:

Private classes:

Semi-Private classes:

Consider pre-paying for more hours; remember...the more terms you pre-pay, the cheaper per hour it becomes (discounts of up to 18% OFF already included on prices).

These possible actions and their corresponding credit can be found here.

  • If you are choosing to do one or more of the actions available listed in step 2 in exchange of credit, your NET amount due is your gross minus your credits.

  • If you are choosing not to do any of the actions, your NET amount is the same as your gross amount.

To submit your net tuition now, click here.

You do not need to re-apply. Just email us at indicating:

  • how your needs are changing,

  • when, where and how soon you would like to have new classes, and

  • how many terms you are now interested in buying

We will send you some options shortly after.



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