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Private Classes (One-on-One or Self-Assembled Groups)

Ideal for students with unique learning needs
For adults, teens and kids (8 and over); younger students accepted only if accompanied by a parent.

You meet one-on-one with your Spanish tutor or you form your own private group.

Spanish classes over Zoom can be conducted when is most convenient for you allowing you to schedule make up sessions with a 24-hour notice.

Meet 2 to 16 hours per week when and where most convenient.

Tailored to your specific interests and needs.

Semi-Private (Small Groups of Up to 4 Students Assembled by the School)

Ideal for students that want to meet others
Adults and teens 16 and older

We match you with up to 3 other students that share your level and schedule preferences.

Our small group Spanish classes over Zoom are scheduled all year long.

Meet 2 hours per week once a week.

You focus on studying Conversational Spanish.





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