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One-on-One Spanish Classes over Zoom

Having private one-on-one Spanish language classes with your very own personal native Spanish speaking tutor, either online or in person, is the best way to tailor your Spanish lessons to your privacy preferences or needs, your pace, your individual skill level, your specific interests and learning objectives, your learning style, and your schedule.

With our one-on-one Spanish classes over Zoom, your Spanish tutor will correct your very unique errors and give you direct and specific feedback on how to improve your language skills in the fastest way possible. Your Spanish tutor will also guide you on how to be most efficient with the time that you dedicate to learn the Spanish language. Just because of these reasons, our one-on-one classes can improve your Spanish skills much faster than studying in a group and are incredibly effective and efficient compared to trying to learn Spanish on your own. With private one-on-one classes, your tutor’s attention is not divided between several students -- she is always dedicated 100% to address your learning needs.

Your one-on-one Spanish teacher adapts to you so you can be sure that you are focusing on developing the skills that will help you master the language and become a Black Belt in Spanish the quickest possible way for use in your personal and professional life. Whether it is speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar, vocabulary or culture exposure, rest assured that your very own Spanish teacher over Zoom will deliver. 

Our private One-to-One Spanish classes have another advantage to getting you to speak fluently: you can spend all of your class time practicing what you need the most, improving your communication skills, or learning new content. Just tell your Spanish teacher what topics you’re interested in and she will customize our Spanish courses to your liking.

Click on the sections below to read some examples of thoughts that you may be having that point out the need to have one-on-one Spanish classes โ€ฆ

  1. I am too shy for a group class, get nervous, freeze, or feel embarrassed or terrified of speaking in front of others.

  2. I just prefer to work alone.

  3. I don't want my Spanish language learning aspirations to be known by others until I feel comfortable.

  4. I would prefer not to talk about my life in front of others.
  1. I prefer to ask as many questions as possible in class; I don't want to worry about slowing down the class for others.

  2. I would like to cover as much material per hour as I can digest.

  3. I am in a rush to have as many lessons per week as possible.

  4. I prefer to go slowly and take my time to cover new learning material and practice extensively with it before moving on to new topics.
  1. I have gaps in my knowledge of prior levels.

  2. I am already past all levels that are commercially available for group classes.

  3. I am in between levels.

  4. There are no group classes for my exact level.
  1. I would like to interact with my extended family in their native language.

  2. I am soon traveling or relocating to a Spanish speaking country.

  3. I would like to communicate with my hispanic coworkers, clients or employees in their own native language.

  4. I need to show off my Spanish in an upcoming job interview.

  5. I need to pass a Standardized Spanish test.

  6. I need to feel more confident in public speaking.

  7. I just want to develop or improve my conversational skills.
  1. I want to focus more on some skills that work better for my learning style.

  2. I am not good with foreign languages.

  3. I am an adult learner that needs help memorizing information.

  4. I have a learning disability.
  1. I am only available late at night or early in the morning.

  2. My schedule changes on short notice; I would like to schedule make up classes when possible.

  3. I would like to add more classes per week or have them last longer in weeks or on periods of time when I  have more time.

  4. I am a very busy person; I would prefer not to meet that many hours per week.

  5. I only have an hour a day to dedicate to learning.


Observe that tuition for our Spanish classes over Zoom is cheaper when you...

  • take classes on weekdays between 8am and 5pm

  • share your classes with a friend, colleague or relative

  • purchase more than 1 term upfront


Weekdays between
8am and 5pm
$892/term (16 hours)
Cheaper if prepaying for more terms
after 5pm
and weekends, or
** floating schedule
$949/term (16 hours)
Cheaper if prepaying for more terms
Weekdays between
8am and 5pm
(16 hours)

Cheaper if prepaying for more terms
after 5pm
and weekends, or
** floating schedule
(16 hours)

Cheaper if prepaying for more terms


*Requires minimum upfront purchase of 1 full term (a total of 16 hours).

** FLOATING SCHEDULE: If your schedule changes regularly, you can consider instead having your classes on a floating schedule which allows you to agree with your tutor on a week-by-week basis on when to have your next session, subject to the times/days that tutor has available in the given week. There may be weeks when you may not be able to find a mutually convenient time/day but a floating schedule would not restrict you with an expiration date as tight as the one you would have with regular classes. Classes will still expire if unused within a reasonable period of time to be defined case by case.

Includes unlimited access to our online student center.

You could share this cost with up to one other person that you know such as a friend or relative converting it into a Two-to-One Spanish class, provided that both are on the same level.

Although normally one term of 16 hours is sufficient to complete one full level of instruction, some students may choose to cover material at a faster or slower pace than the one that is recommended or expected. If they go faster, they may get started already with the next level if they still have remaining hours unused. If they go slower, they would just purchase extra terms or hours to resume where they left.

Also, please know that we may be able to match or improve any competitor's quote provided that we are comparing the same format, program quality, number of hours, meeting location type, time of day, and class size. Just ask us about that at any time. 


If you are a current or former Spanish student of ours, you can, despite the prices listed on this page, sign up for more classes by just submitting the same net amount you submitted last time for the same number of terms, format (one-on-one, excluded free upgrades), time frame and meeting location type, if more convenient for you, provided that:

  1. No more than 6 months have elapsed since you had your last term, AND

  2. You did your homework, attended all of your sessions on time and got a passing grade.


Enroll Risk Free

You will get a full refund if not fully satisfied with your first class.

Spanish Blackbelt

Observe that it is...

even cheaper if pre-paying for more terms upfront!
(up to 18% cheaper)

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